Saturday, December 01, 2007

Dec 1st

Brought our first snow of the season! As I was nagging Connor to put his socks and shoes on and as he was dancing around and generally ignoring me as usual, he looked out the window. What is it doing except pouring down snow! I mean pouring, which was really odd because the sun was shining. We literally had a snow shower. In two minutes it was finished. Connor was sad (he had immediately run to put on his snow pants), but I was not. We really needed to get to Target!

It should snow more tomorrow and Monday... we'll see if anything other than slush comes of it. Gotta love those forecasts that are rain turning to snow turning to rain turning to snow....

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sblair said...

Can you send some of the snow this way. I would love to have snow right now. Supposely they are calling for it to snow tommorrow. It would be so much fun if I had to come to work because it would be JK Teachers versus the JK-er's Snowball War.

I'm glad ya'll are getting snow though.