Saturday, May 03, 2008

Sneaky little monkey...

Clara is turning into a sneaky little monkey. She loves my crafting table and anything sitting on it. For about a week she was strangely driven directly to my Staz-On pad... think super-permanent Sharpie in ink pad form. AAHHHH! This is her first work of art.

Yup, that's a sample I was preparing for an upcoming class. She also wiped the pad across her face and down her sleeve. Fortunately her face washed clean. She also got a smear on my desk. I'm really lucky though... she didn't throw it on the ground or try to paint the walls or anything. The next day she did it again. That's what I get for using the bathroom. She's very persistent... both times the pad was on the backside of my desk, near the wall. It was an incredible reach for a little girl. She knows what she wants, I guess.

Oh, and of course she feels so very guilty about the whole thing.

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