Friday, May 02, 2008

ECHO... Echo... echo...

Hello there! As was recently so lovingly pointed out by my mother, I have been a touch neglectful of this blog. Evidently the Pooh joke has gotten old. ;-) Of course, if you want to check that I'm still alive, check I'm a touch more consistent with that one.

So... what's been happening here? Well, this week Clara got Roseola. Sunday, Monday and a good part of Tuesday she had a fever topping off over 104. It was fun. It was all good though. Wednesday evening she started to get a little splotchy, but I figured it was from her major wipe-out at the park earlier in the day. Thursday it was all over her body. An hour and a half at the clinic later we have the verdict of Roseola. Woo hoo. One more common childhood virus I can check off the "my-kid's-had-it" list. Of course there's nothing to do about it but wait for it to fade, which it has already.

Well, there's a little start for you. I will post more (with pictures) later today or tomorrow. There's all kinds of nature involved... sounds super exciting, huh? It was!

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