Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Before and After

BooMama is having a "a Before and After bloggy extravaganza" (see button on the side). Basically, the point is to list a few goals to be completed by July 25th. When you join the group, you have a touch of accountability... in an internet kind of way. :-) Since I am all about goals right now, I figured I would join in! I can't really paint or remodel since housing frowns on that, but I can still makeover my space by cleaning and organizing.

My goals by July 25th:
1. Have back room clean and ready to function as a classroom.
2. Weed out CDs.
3. Straighten out the linen closet.

So you can see the state of things, I offer this before evidence...

It's not too bad... but I certainly don't need all those baby blankets and it would be nice not to have to dig for clean sheets.

Can I scream "AAAHHHH!" loud enough? As I've been cleaning the rest of this house, this space has obviously become the dumping room. Simply breaking down those boxes will make a huge difference, but I want to really use the space (and complete #46 on my list).

Please excuse the mulch... because these are in the garage. I clearly need to get rid of most of them and load the ones I love onto iTunes.

Well, there are my before and after goals! If you want to join in, just go here!


jamie in rose cottage said...

Ooo, I have a dumping room, too. Maybe that should be the challenge I take on, since I can't afford to do the ones I REALLY want to do right now!

Sounds like you're a homeschool mom, like me, since one of your goals is to convert a room to a classroom!

Jenni at talking hairdryer said...

I just cleaned out my dumping room this spring and I feel 10 lbs lighter! It's the best diet I've ever been on! Good luck, see you on the 25th.

Katrina said...

I usually end up with a dumping room too. Sadly, the cleaning fairies never show up and take care of things for me. :)

Connie Jean said...

Don't we all have at least one dumping room or dumping spot??? LOL. Good luck on your goals!

The Momster said...

Oh I too have some of those rooms where I'll say I'm putting something until I find a spot for it! LOL

You're list sounds good - I may have to revise mine - I really should take a picture of my craft closet and post it!

Posh Mama said...

Our bedroom has become a dumping ground as we get ready to move! Can't wait to see everyones end results