Thursday, June 12, 2008

My baby

Okay... I have to finally admit it's true. My baby is 2 today. *sob*

It's so funny, how things are with second children. When Connor was a baby, I sort of shruged off everyone's advice to "cherish each moment" and the words "they grow up so fast". I knew I was doing just that. Looking back, I realize that I was (am) always just waiting for the next milestone. Everything is a new adventure with him. It's uncharted territory. I want to see what's next all the time, without fully appreciating what is happening now.

Now with Clara, I've seen the territory before. I've seen what's coming (for the most part - Lord help me) so I can sort of lean back and enjoy the view. When she sings the ABC song, I'm not anxious for her to know every letter. I enjoy the parts she makes up. I'm sad that she doesn't want to hold my hand when we walk. I secretly wish she was more timid and didn't just want mom to let her go.

We've had some big milestones this week alone. There were the stitches. Just the day before that she learned to climb out of her crib. On Sunday, we turned that crib into a big girl bed. *sob* Sunday she also perfected opening doors, so I've been scrambling to round up the doorknob covers.

Clara is very strong willed. She knows exactly what she wants. She's hard (sometimes impossible) to distract. Maybe I should just call her passionate. ;-)

Clara is also very sweet. When in the mood, all she wants to do is cuddle. She loves to take care of her babies. Her favorite thing in the world is the part of "sparkly shoes" that Nana and PopPop got her for Christmas. She wears them all the time. She sings and dances a lot. She's good at helping to clean up. When she sees that Connor is sad or upset, she runs over to give him a hug (unless, of course, some sibling rivalry was the cause).

She will never be contained by it, but that's my Clara in a nutshell. Happy birthday baby. I love you!

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