Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ragamuffin Top Challenge

So. I need to lose weight. All that I had lost with Weight Watchers has slowly crept back on my bottom. And then I gained 10 lbs the during the last 4 months while I was pregnant. Now I want my body from last summer back. Thankfully, I think I've found some inspiration! So here we go...

To provide some accountability (outside of Michael's nagging) I'm trying out a little online linky thing. (If you haven't noticed, I have started doing that a lot... it's fun!) This one is being led by Carlos at Ragamuffin Soul. Check it out!

Well, I have to state some goals... hehe... so here goes. I'm hoping that by the time our vacation rolls around at the end of the summer I will be able to fit my summer clothes. So... my 1st goal is to fit my "skinny" jean shorts by the end of August. My second goal is to start the Couch to 5k program (#4). If I start this week and am able to go without repeating weeks, I will be running 3 miles by the time my birthday arrives. That is not my hard and fast deadline, because I know I have never been athletic or in shape (well since childhood anyway) and I may need to repeat a week or three so I don't injure myself. So there it is!

Carlos wanted some pictures or a video, so here begins the scary part. ;-) (of course, I dressed up all pretty for you... hehe)

The FrontOk... so I'm used to this. I see it in the mirror everyday. Not great, but not horrible either.

The BackYeah, so this is scary to me. I don't see this all the time... I can just hear the song "baby got back"

This is me with the shorts. I held them to the side seam of my pants... yup... there's a long way to go for them to reach the other seam. I'm not freaked out at all. I can do it. Positive self talk works, right?

So there you have it. If you have any fitness or weight goal, join in! It's gonna be fun! ~:-D


Marcelo said...

You can do it, Tracey! keep us posted on your progress. We are all in this together! :0)

Gretchin said...

Hey, Welcome!!

Its so good to have another ragamuffin loser aboard. Loser in the good sense that is.

Your goals seem very legit and not to far fetched. I too took some pics and cringe while I look at how big I have gotten.

I was once a size 5. Only once though! lol It was a really short size 5 period in my life too. Maybe a few days but Im proud! haha

So, my goals are much like yours. Lose weight. Hope I can go on a vacation soon and wear clothes that have long been barried beneath sizes 7-16. 16 on top. Fine! Their under the 18's, I can admit it. =)

I will check back in with you to see how you are doing!! I encourage you to check back each week as we all love reading one anothers blogs and feeling encouraged by each other progress.

Have a great week!