Thursday, July 17, 2008

Clara does Play-Doh

Lately, Clara has been enjoying some time as the only child while Connor is at preschool. In fact, it's probably better than being an only or the first child... she has all of Connor's cool toys to play with while he's not here to fight he for them. Score!

Clara's most recent find is Connor's Play-Doh tub. Santa brought this to enable Connor to use Play-Doh without mommy losing her mind. So far it is really working (well... I'm not losing my mind over Play-Doh anyway). Connor will set the tray top on the floor and keep the container next to him. (One must have access to every Play-Doh toy at all times!) Anyway, Clara "found" the tub a few days ago and after much whining I gave in.

She was very funny about it... she didn't like to touch it. At first she would hold it down, just barely touching it with one finger, and poke at it with whatever tool she had. Finally she advanced to picking it up, but she never did work up the courage to squish it. In the end, only the google eyes in the tub held her attention.

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onescrappygal said...

She is so cute!! I can't get over how big she's getting!

P.S. Thank you for the books... I am looking forward to giving them a read. :)