Sunday, December 26, 2004

7 inches

This is some kind of freaky day. I got up this morning and started going about my normal Sunday morning business when Michael came up from making the baby's food. "It's snowing," he said. I looked out the window (I partially couldn't believe him) and don't you know the ground was coated. I wasn't too concerned. "It'll start raining soon," I said. We went on our merry way. We left for church and ended up turning around. Nothing was plowed. It took us 40 minutes to get to 664 (normally just under 15 minutes). This was crazy. It was now about 9:00. "Surely it's about to stop," I thought to myself. Well, as you can guess by looking at the title, it didn't stop any time soon. It "poured" snow until about 4:00. Michael and I did our standard unofficial weather measurements - we walked outside, said "Man it's cold!" and stuck the tape measure in the snow. It was 7 inches on the nose. Right now Michael is out there in the dark cleaning off the truck and car so we can get out tomorrow. Blech! Snow. I long for the days when snow was fun. When it meant a day off from school. Now it's another hassle to deal with. Man am I a grump about snow, or what?

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