Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Trying to remain positive

So I cheated yesterday and the day before and weighed in between my fitness evals. Mistake. I will never do that again. Well, I guess I shouldn't say never... but I will try hard not to. Anyway, the first weight was okay. I was down a very little, but still down. Yesterday was the problem. 2 whole extra pounds! Now I'm freaking out. I'm still working out, but have been bad about eating (I need to get the cake out of the house). Aargghh! I guess I just have to really take this seriously. Maybe this is God's way of telling me I need to eat right too. He's soooo subtle. :-)

I'm feeling good otherwise. At least I'm telling myself that. I've been a little tired and I have a knot in a muscle under my right shoulder blade. I decided that Maya was having me wave my arms around a bit too much, so I've modified a few of the arm motions. It's helping a little. I'm also trying to remember to carry Connor on the opposite hip. That 28 lbs chubba bubba (not really) is helping. He'll be walking soon... then I won't have to carry him. Of course then I'll end up chasing him all over the place. I guess that will be good additional cardio. Hehe... remember? I'm trying to be positive.

On an actual positive note, Michael is coming out of shift work today! Hooray! He will become a functional member of our family again. In addition, after having duty today and an interview tomorrow, he is OFF until Sunday! I think I might pee myself. We're planning to take Connor to the Virginia Aquarium (formerly the Marine Science Museum... stupid change if you ask me) on Friday. He just learned the baby sign "fish", so he will get a lot of practice.

In an attempt to further inspire myself to non-greatness (hehe) I found a ticker to use... let's see if I can figure out how it works...


Okay so that's not it.... uhmm...

Yay! I rock! Okay then... check you later!

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