Monday, February 14, 2005


Eval time again. If you're paying attention, you probably noticed the extra space between this eval and the last. Yes, I was a bad girl. I missed a few workouts. I didn't get fussed at though. Just the "I missed you on..." comment. So I bet you want to know my numbers. They're not bad at all. For comparison I will use my original numbers.

1/8/05 2/12/05
Weight 220 213
BF% --- 44%
RHR --- 65
EHR 145 158
Squats 41 50(max)
PushUps 8 20
Crunch 60(max) 60
Flex 5 6

I've lost 4.352 lbs of fat since I first had my scale.

I'm pretty happy with my progress. I feel good. I've started eating better (I think that's why I didn't have too much trouble with the dropped workouts). Anyway, it should be back to normal schedule now. I've decided to up my daily time to 45 minutes. I really get a full, well-rounded workout that way.

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