Saturday, February 19, 2005


Wow... I wish I didn't work sometimes! I am tired. I worked last night (6:30p to 7:00a) and today I'm Connor's sole caretaker. Michael has duty. Blech! I'm doing pretty good though. I napped when Connor napped this morning, so I got about an hour and a half down. As soon as he's asleep for this nap I will be crawling in bed again. Mmm... bed...

Connor has a pretty rotten cold. His nose will not stop running. It's sad when a Registered Respiratory Therapist working in pediatrics can't even help her own kid breathe. I want to take him to work and just suck out his nose. Those little bulb suction doobies don't do anything accept make him mad, which fills his nose even more. I wonder if I could adapt the vacuum cleaner... nah. I guess we'll just be miserable for the next few days.

On a more positive note (finally!), I will be getting the stamps I ordered tomorrow. I'm excited. I want to get started doing cards and working on my scrapbook pages. I do need to get some more of the basics though. You know, ink pads are helpful. And paper would be nice too. Ah, technicalities. I have enough to play a little, at least.

Well, I cheated and weighed myself. I'm still doing good. I think I may have reached the 10 lbs down point. I think that would call for a celebration! Cookies and cake... uhm no... lettuce and carrots for everyone! On the house! I'm going to wait for the official weigh-in before I toot the whistle. I may have some funny water weight thing happening.

I guess that's about it for now. I will be posting soon... the eval is coming up and it's measurement time. I'm a little excited. Michael actually said he could tell I was skinnier on Thursday. I hope it was really me and not just the fit of the clothes! TTFN!

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