Monday, March 14, 2005

Skiing fun!

Michael and I went on a ski trip this weekend with our Sunday School class. It was a lot of fun! Michael has found a hobby. At last! He was really enjoying himself. I was having a ton of fun myself. It sure beat the last (and first) time I went skiing.

It was fun having someone to be with. I wasn't riding the lift alone. We laughed and helped when each other fell. We shared little observations of ways to improve. It was fun. It also helped that we are both beginners. If we went speeding off alone it generally ended in a puff of snow and arms and legs and skis and... well you get it! So we kept up with each other for the most part.

I could stop this time. I got my act together and did a proper snowplow. Then I learned how to turn. That makes skiing so much more fun... and safe!

I'm in relatively good shape. My legs weren't killing me after a very short period. I wasn't even sore on the second day. My knee got a little sore, but in the way that it felt better when I stood. And today I'm at 100%. My chest area (around the front of my shoulders) is a little tight, but I'm used to it from working out. I just won't do arms tonight when I workout. I'll do core or a plain old cardio.

It was also good to get away as a couple. Mom, dad, Sarah, Joe, and Neil all watched Connor at some point this weekend. I don't think he missed me at all (tear!). I sure did miss him though. I kept asking Michael if I should call. He said no enough that I only called 4 times... Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday when we were on the road. Not to shabby for our (my) first time really AWAY from Connor. Michael and I actually found new things to talk about (besides baby and work). We laughed and had a lot of fun.

All in all it was an excellent trip. I think we may make this a regular thing. Michael got hooked on the speed of it. And we both had fun!

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