Thursday, June 09, 2005

I gave blood today...

but in a purely selfish way. I'm having some lab work done to go with my physical. It was all the normal blood count stuff, plus a fasting blood sugar and cholesterol levels. I'm actually a little nervous. Thing is, if any of that is out of wack, I have to start eating right, no choice in the matter. Blah! I guess it could be worse. I could not have the labs done, not know my arteries are being stuffed with fat and sugar, and I could drop dead before I'm thirty. Sounds appealing... ;-)

So, because I had to do the tests this morning, I missed out on my workout today. Another blah! I guess I will pull out Maya and maybe do some core tonight. My legs are still a little tight from the last few days, so I'll work other part out. I always have trouble pushing myself on abs anyway, so the program will help me.

I think Connor's teeth are finally serious about breaking through. He has kicked up with the drool and has been completely miserable all afternoon. Following my mother-in-law's good advice, I wet a washcloth, froze it, and gave it to him to chew. Only thing is, he doesn't want anything but his "tinc-tee" (binky/pacifier) in his mouth. He just swung it around a little and then screamed a little more. I just put him down to nap after wrestling to get some oragel on his gums. I think his tongue might be really numb right now - I'm not really sure about his gums.

I guess TTFN... can you tell I'm loving the high-speed internet connection?

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