Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm officially on the horse!

Today I got back in the workout groove! Yay! It felt sooooo good. I got to do my favorite - step class! I just love step. I guess I like the variety I get in that class. Every class I've done so far I have learned a "new" move. And I've never done the same combination over again. So I guess I'm back on the horse! I have an appointment for tomorrow and some for next week when we get back from Minnesota. Yes, it's that time again. Time to visit the in-laws. I hope they are properly preparing their house, or I'm going to have a rough week... ie. having to follow Connor around, fussing at him to stop or put it down or no touch... so much fun. Our "main purpose" (or excuse) for going is to see the Wiggles on Friday afternoon. Should be fun! Fortunately, I don't mind the Wiggles too much. Hopefully we will also get a trip in to the Mall of America. They have an Archivers store (think scrapbookers storehouse) there. I want to get a list together. I may even go to the post office that's there so I don't have to worry about packing it! Okay, so maybe I won't go that crazy... but it's fun to dream!


Tracey said...

Fricking spammers! Get off my blog!

Sarah said...

HI! I'm glad to hear your back in the swing of things. I love the picture, by the way!