Sunday, September 10, 2006

1st Day of School

Praise the Lord! School is back in! Four hours a week of mommy time. Well mostly. Clara is still with me, but she still isn't any trouble. She's very portable in her carrier... just a little heavy. Anyway, here are the required 1st day shots. He wouldn't look at me, so I got quite a few of him running away.

It's very strange... I find myself fearing change for Connor, although he barely even seems to notice it. He has a new teacher and new kids to get to know. He had such a great year last year, it's hard to think of it going any better with different people. I'm also having trouble with worry about his Sunday School class. His class promoted, but because he was moved up early last year, he is in the same room again with all the "little" kids. I hope he finds a friend. He buddied with a few in his previous class and I don't want him to miss that. This is, of course, all my own fears and such. I remember having a hard time making friends and I just want it to be easier for him. I also wanted as little change as possible for him before our move. It's so funny how far I am being pushed out of my comfort zone... I guess I'm being pruned for greatness!

This week has also been a rough one for my kidos physically. Connor keeps running into the corner of walls. He just won't look where he's going. He always turns around just as he's about to hit, thus the left side of his face is one big bruise. I'm waiting for someone to call family services on me. He got bit at school. Today he was stung a few times on the finger by a wasp. Poor kid. Clara fell off my bed yesterday. She was sitting in the boppy on my bed while I was ironing. I heard a thud and she wasn't on the bed anymore. My poor baby. Mommy learned her lesson about her wiggly baby who is not like her brother was. Clara needs a double wall of pillows, I guess. She went over the side of the boppy and pushed herself about a foot off the edge. When she quit screaming (quickly) she started chatting to me like nothing had happened. I had done the full body broken bone check and checked her pupil reaction and everything (my dad laughed as I was telling this part of the story). I think I'm more traumatized than she was. If I make it through kids, I can survive anything!

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Catherine said...

I can empathize with the falling incident, as Caleb had one last week. I think it definitely affects us more than the babies!