Monday, November 27, 2006

The kiddos

The kids are doing well. We had a few rough days, but overall, Connor and Clara have transitioned very well. We have been walking around the neighborhood a little (while the weather is still good - it's been "unseasonably mild"). This achieves 2 goals - running off Connor's excessive energy (he literally runs the whole time) and meeting the neighbors... many of whom are other families off our boat. Connor points at every kid we see and says, "What's my friend doing?"

Connor has entertained himself by finding all the "new" hiding spots in our house. He has developed a love of closing himself into cabinets. This is where our CPU goes in our desk. He also loves the cabinet in the bottom of my stamping shelf and all of our new closets and the small spaces made by our yet to be unpacked boxes. I gave him one of the wardrobe boxes to play in. It is his space ship. The week without toys or TV really put his imagination in overdrive. Of course he is reaching that age. Once again, he has grown up a lot in the last few weeks.

This is Clara chilling out on the famous Hampton Inn bed. She's been a bit of a mommy hog and had a week of being hard to put to bed, but the last few days have been better. I think it really threw her off having Michael around. Hopefully, once he gets home this time she will adjust a little better. My main challenge with her has been making sure she gets tummy time. Our new downstairs has hardwood floors, and we don't yet have rugs (renters need to come first *sigh*), so it's hard to have her comfortably (and safely) down there. I've been taking her up to "play in Connor's room" at least once a day. She's getting pretty mobile. I have to keep my I on her. She finds a way to wiggle herself where she wants to be.

So, like I said, the kids are doing well. I love my babies!

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