Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The new house

Well, the new duplex. I must say... I like it. I like the layout. I like the hardwood floors. I like the kitchen. I like that it's at the top of the hill "overlooking" the river. I love that I have a stamping room that is central in the house. Housing is a good thing (here, anyway).

This is our new place. I'm not really sure what's up with the turret-thingy, but it has personality (like all the other duplexes on our side of the street).

Here's the back. It's fascinating. We're on a kind of circular one-way alley thing. We have a driveway space and the garage will actually fit a car (and I think the van). We don't have to cut the grass (WOOHOO!) but we are responsible for maintaining the borders. That's cool though. I like weeding.

I am slowly digging through the boxes. I unpacked my first stamp sets this evening. It was good. I need to get a piece of Plexiglas or something to protect things I'm working on from little hands. I'll figure something out. That's the only downfall of having my work area in the main area of the house... but I'm not complaining! Anyway, once I unpack to a point where you can actually see the inside, I will post more pictures. Who knows? I may even get some decorations up! ~:-)

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Sarah said...

awww.. i'm soooo happy that everything has worked out...
love you.