Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Proud momma!

I'm so proud. My sweet baby boy just woke up from his first nap in his "big boy bed". Wow. I'm a little more emotional over this than I thought I would be. I guess it's about time. Strangely, Connor never tried to crawl out of his crib. He'll be three in January and could easily hop right out if he so desired. I guess it was just his safe little place. He was never unhappy in his crib. Anyway, he did so well today. I just had to go in there a few times to make him lay down. I heard him coughing a few hours later and went to check him. This is what I found.Not a bad sight. He was just sitting there reading Curious George. What a sweet boy. Next goal... exterminate the binkie. :-D

Here's something else I'm proud of. Clara has started solids. She is tackling rice cereal currently. The doctor suggested waiting until she was 6 months before starting, but she was starting to breastfeed every 2 hours again... that's just not acceptable. The cereal has gotten her back to normal feeding during the day, I just need to get tough on her at night. It's just too easy to pull her in to bed with me and feed her! So, here are my pictures of her eating today. I must say it's hard to feed her and take pictures at the same time!

Clearly she'd had enough. :-) She's never afraid to let me know how she feels.

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