Monday, December 04, 2006

So the snow was... disappointing. It wasn't snow. It was thick rain. So here I am, waiting for real snow (like I really want to see it). There are a few other chances coming up.

I unpacked a large part of my stamping stuff today. I am loving my room! All I need is a table and I'm set. I have an enviable craft room. I'm so excited. It is the perfect place for classes and workshops and such. Yay!

Connor is in the crib tonight. Once again, I had to prove I was serious about him staying in his bed. This was his "punishment". He was very upset, so I hope him waking Clara up was worth it. I'm proud of myself. I didn't yell at all. The picture of calm... well, nearly. I have decided to be purposefully calm. I get so furious at him sometimes. It's embarassing. I have a lot of trouble when I don't get downtime from him... but obviously, I need to get used to it. So, once again, I am resetting my brain. Here's to active decision making. *sigh* Two year olds... I was going to say suck, but that's not true all of the time. Sometimes they are the most wonderful, but then othertimes... well... they suck.

I'm over Michael being at sea and it's only been a week. I'm turning into the crazy email lady again. I have email OCD. Of course, I haven't gotten any from him. *sigh* I wish I could say it would get better if I got one, but it would probably just fuel the OCD fire. I guess I just want to know I'm not alone. It's strange how a little email can do that.

My phone rang 3 times today. I was so excited! Of course it was the same company trying to sell me a security system 3 times. The third time the novelty of the phone ringing had worn off... I was in the middle of bedtime Curious George reading. Can I sigh again, or have I reached my quota for the evening. How about *grrr* instead? Hehe... I need to eat and go to bed! ~:-)

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