Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So the snow was a bust yesterday, but to our surprise it was snowing this morning.It's hard to see in the picture... just look at the brown house on the left. Hehe. Although the weatherman was convinced it was only snowing around Hartford, we got snow for about an hour and a half. Everything that was wet/frozen is covered and everything else is lightly dusted. I could tell it was dying out when I could once again see the hill "behind" our house.

I thought this was the perfect moment to show off our funny winter weather gear.
This is Connor's first day in his coat. I promptly bought him a new, smaller coat. I about fell over laughing when he crawled into the car in this one. The front of the coat came up over his head. He didn't think it was as funny as I did. Poor kid. :-D Hehe.

This is Clara's "marshmallow suit". Although you wouldn't know it from this picture, she's normally quite happy in it. So far she only wears it when we take walks... it doesn't really fit in her car seat carrier thing very well. I guess it's time to get her a real car seat...

*sigh* We need renters sooo bad. I don't want to be in debt. Yesterday was our first day of paying the mortgage out of savings. Ouch! I'm rather proud of my savings account. I will be really sad if it disappears, especially since I'm not working. Hmm... maybe I should work on that. You know, just in case. *sigh* Man, I hate worrying about money. We've been so careful not to be in that kind of position... I guess I just need to release this and not worry about it until it needs worrying.

Well, hopefully the snow melts off the roads fast... we have errands to do! ~:-)

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