Friday, December 08, 2006

They sleep!

Wow! 7:30am and both the kids are still asleep. This doesn't happen... especially with Connor lately. I have a feeling he played himself out last night. I ended up putting an anti-kid doorknob thing on his side of the door and shutting it so he can't get out during the night. I must tell you, I slept so much better last night! I also got a shower this morning without waking up before the sun. Yay! Anyway, when I went to let him out a while ago (he's normally up well before this time) I found him snoring away in his bed with the lights on. Who knows how much he actually slept last night... I guess we'll find out based on how cranky and obstinate he is today. Fortunately, Momma is well rested (compared to normal), so perhaps it won't be as trying a day as yesterday. ~:-)

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