Thursday, January 11, 2007


I have sooo been stamping! Thank God! I love my new space. I just get in my little office chair (with wheels) and sit in front of my new table and get to work. All my stuff is in arms reach (with a little roll sometimes). It's great. I keep getting lost in time every evening. I really need to stick a clock on the wall. That way I won't lose so much sleep!

The kids are good. They each went to the doctor this week. Clara had her 6 month appointment (she'll actually be 7 months tomorrow) which included shots. I am paying for it today. She hasn't been very happy and has been... well... smelly. Hopefully she is better tomorrow so I can get some stuff done around here. It's hard to do anything while carrying a 20lb lump around. Connor is also healthy. We got him a referral to see an allergist (finally). I am tired of GPs that seem to roll their eyes when I say he has an allergy. I feel like an allergist will, I don't know, justify(?) me saying he has allergies (even though he's already tested positive). We'll see in a few months (2 weeks for the referral to come back, at least 2 for the appointment and then a few for the labs to come back etc.) *sigh*

Well, I came up with my next entry while typing up this one... stay tuned for What I Miss About Virginia! ~:-)

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Sarah said...

I want to read your "What I Miss About Virginia" post! Please post it.