Friday, February 23, 2007


Yes, I am. Right now. The short of it is, we are selling our house and I am sad. After many months of waiting to find tenants, we have decided to "get rid of it". We want to be able to buy a house in our next location with no problems. We want to have some savings left. We think it will be the easiest thing. Only now that we are in the process, it is real. Boohoo. Two days after we closed on that house I found out I was pregnant with Connor. I was finally able to have colored walls in that house. I was pregnant with Clara there. I was a new mommy twice there. Basically, that house is our home. It's where we became a family. I am sad.

Michael just called (he's on duty). I told him how I was sad. He said, "I'm not. It's time to move on." Men. He doesn't get it. Or he's in denial and will have his own moment in a while. Right.

I feel the need to post pictures of my beautiful babies.

I took advantage of the sun reflecting off the SNOW to take these. I'm trying to take a page from Ali and be happy with my somewhat fuzzy, but beautifully naturally lit photos. I didn't even wipe the ketchup off of Connor's face. I wanted real. Boogers, baby food, dark circles, marker, ketchup, and all. Those are my kids!


sarah said...

man. now i'm crying.
i cry if anyone else i know and love is crying.
i probably got that from mom.
it's hard to give up what you know to be home.
i miss you.

Neil said...

I love you. I know it's tough but the house is just the physical of the loving home that you created. Merely a representation. I miss ya'll everyday and love the pictures.