Monday, February 26, 2007


Yet another snow day! And a pretty big one to boot! The last few weeks it has snowed about an inch overnight once a week. Last night we got about 4 inches! We're supposedly getting 2-4 more today. It's pretty warm out, so I'm sure it will rain a little. Right now it's "misting" snow. I shoveled the walk and the driveway and then we went across the street to be social and play in the snow. This is Connor playing last Friday.

The last couple of snows have been good for packing, so he's found the joy of snowballs and we made a pretty big snowman butt. Connor didn't want to make anymore big balls, so we just have a snowman butt sitting in our side yard. It's funny if you know what it is.

On the house front things are going well. It's been shown quite a few times already this weekend. I'm hoping to hear about an offer today. One of the showing agents said there was an 85% chance his/her clients would put in an offer. That would be nice... but it's kind of like an 85% chance of snow in VA - there's hope, but it probably won't happen. Of course, I say that in my brain, but I'm still waiting anxiously. More later!

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