Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wacko weather

Yup. Everyone jokes that this phenomenon is unique to their area, but I believe it happens everywhere at one time of the year or another. You know what I'm talking about... the dramatic temperature/weather change. My most recent experience with this occurred over the last few days.

On Thursday it was beautiful here. It was jacket weather (if you stayed out of the wind *sigh* but that's another topic) and the sun was bright and warm. We enjoyed time outside and to Connor's delight we hit up the park several times in one day. All the children in my house took lovely long naps due to the fresh air and exercise. Mommy got to be social with some neighbors. Life was good.

Then came the change. That evening it began to get cloudy. Then the wind really started blowing (although you almost couldn't make out a difference from the normal state of things). In the morning there was a good coating of snow and it was still coming down.

It continued to snow all day. Then by the time Michael and I went to bed, it had turned to sleet. Yuck! This morning, what looked like snow had an icy crust on it. Fortunately, they are really good at keeping the roads clear here!

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