Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beautiful CT

It has finally turned warm here in the frozen north (well if you don't count yesterday.. 45! BRRRR!) and that means the green has arrived. I have been waiting for spring like a crazy lady. We arrived here at the end of fall and I didn't think we would ever see leaves again! Hehe. Yes, I'm a little dramatic lately. Anyhow, everyone I talked to before we left would say how beautiful it is up here. Well, bare trees and rocky terrain are beautiful... but can get a little monotonous. So anyway, I awaited spring with baited breathe... bated breathe... I was anxious for spring. Thank God, spring has sprung!

This is the view from my window! Wow! Of course, it is better in real life, but at least you can get an idea. If the clouds are just right it looks like you're looking out on the ocean. Now I just need to get a baby backpack and we can go hiking! Woo hoo!

So about the drama... sorry to go all weird on you yesterday. I was/am having one of those days. My immediate reaction to change is to get all moody and irritable (just ask Michael). I've had my day and a half of funk and I think I'm feeling better. I stamped tonight... it was way fun and I can tell Michael knew I needed it. When I accomplish something creative I always feel better. I guess you want to know why I'm facing change again... well if you have my phone number feel free to call and ask me. Otherwise you will just have to wait for the official announcement. So there. The truth is we know nothing really so there is nothing really to report.

Connor is feeling better. He has been a total pain the last 2 days, because he's well enough to be active but not well enough to control his emotions. That means endless tantrums and crying fits. I shut him in his room today until he finished with a particularly nasty one. I am finding 3 to be much more challenging than 2.

I guess that's the short of it now. TTFN!

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