Thursday, June 28, 2007

Before and during

I came across this picture on my video camera today. I gasped. Wow... I was a little shy of my heaviest weight in this picture from October 2002. This was before children. I'm glad it's just a face picture or I might just fall over and die! ;-) I'm glad I finally got my act in gear.

At this time of my life I was happy... Michael had just returned from deployment. I was working as a Respiratory Therapist and loving it. I was still taking classes at the community college for things that I enjoyed. I finally decided it was time to get serious about my weight a few months after this when we still weren't pregnant. We had been "trying" for a while and were beginning to worry that it was more difficult than we thought it would be. I joined First Place (a Christian weight-loss program) and started tracking my cycle very closely. I lost five pounds the first week, but then no matter what I did I maintained or gained! I got discouraged and quit (yes I QUIT!). A few weeks later we found out we were expecting Connor! Woo hoo!

After having Connor, I started my weight loss journey. I started to be more active... joined a gym, went to a Mom and Me exercise class... but my loss stalled out. Then I got really tired... and found out Clara was on her way.

Now that I'm mommy to 2, I want to be hot mommy to 2... and I want to be around. I want to have the energy to do the fun stuff and I realized I only had the energy to get by each day. So, since I knew I could do exercise on my own, but it only took me so far, I joined Weight Watchers to help with the part I couldn't do on my own... food. It seems to be working (although, I must say, I'm in need of a little refocusing - thus this post).

So anyway, here I am now, with my sweet boy. I was confident enough to wear shorts and not fiddle with them all day. I didn't need to suck in my belly to have my shirts lay right... life is good!

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