Tuesday, July 03, 2007


OMG! Can you explain the best musical you've seen? Not really. Let's just say, it was sooooooooo good! I don't normally cry during stage stuff (too caught up in the technicals and the performance details and such, I guess) but my eyes welled up several times throughout. It was very emotional in every way... sad at times, funny, dramatic... very real. I was just sucked in. I've read the book and "know" the soundtrack, and still I was surprised. They did a great job putting the soundtrack together in a way that doesn't spoil the actual show. It also deviates from the book. That didn't bother me (since I didn't "love" the book). Anyway, here are snippets of our evening out.

Michael and I grabbed a bite at the train station since we were a bit behind schedule (shocking, I know!).

We stayed at the Manhattan Sheraton. It was just 2 blocks away from the theater. Michael got the romance package, so we got some champagne, fruit, and cheese in the evening and then breakfast in the morning. It was very nice!

This is me in all my hotness... hehe! I felt very good that night. Makes it fun to go out when you feel pretty!

Unfortunately, our night out ended quickly as the Navy called and Michael had to head back to work... *sigh* It's all good though. We had 2 hours on the train to talk and an hour in the car. It was a great time. I definitely want to see it again!

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sarah said...

i love that outfit. you look really good.

i found a singer you might like. ingrid michaelson. i have one of her songs on my myspace profile. i just love it.

i miss you. when will i see you again?