Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I ran!

I ran! I ran!

I kinda can't believe it. As I started with my warm up walk yesterday, my head was a mess. There were various thoughts of being too fat, it being too hot, and such. In the end, the main theme was, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" It was amazing the amount of negativity that went through my head in 5 minutes time. Finally the time to run came. I told my brain to shut up. I focused on moving my feet and breathing... and I kept glancing at my watch. The minute went by much faster than I thought it would. Then I walked again. I tried to keep out the bad stuff like how much I was probably jiggling and how the people in that car that passed must thing I'm some deluded fat girl. Then it was time to run again. This patterned continued. In the end, my head was nearly clear of those dirty thoughts.

As I stretched I was amazed that I did it. I did it! I ran! I ran!

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