Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy Independence Day!

What better day to have a book review? We are free to read anything we want in the good ol' USA! Isn't that awesome?

Slow Fat Triathlete by Jayne Williams

First off, what a great title! You get a taste of what to expect from this book right from the start. I giggled at least every other page.

Jayne starts the book by sharing her triathlete story - how she went from being morbidly obese to a triathlete junkie. Outside of the inspiration of Jayne's story, this book is a great "basics of triathlons" book. She writes about the essential and "fun stuff" equipment, how to train (not a training schedule... just where to find the resources), and even walks you through race day. There are also chapters about types of races to injuries.

I really enjoyed this book (being both slow and fat at the moment). It was a good example of how you can be athletic even if you aren't lithe and muscular. It is a good quick read and was a boost to get my slow fat butt out there working toward being athletic. One of my favorite things about Slow Fat Triathlete is that it removed a little of the mystery around races. Now that I have some clue of what goes on there (besides running and finishing), I can picture myself doing one. This book is a nice one for a total beginner.

I'm afraid that's all for today... potty training and reading don't really mix all that well! I plan to finish Mere Christianity this week and begin some good fiction also. Enjoy your holiday!

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