Sunday, July 06, 2008

RMT Week 2 (for me)

Let me just say WOOHOO! I had a fab week. What made it fab? I ran! And I ate really well. So well in fact that I lost 6 lbs! Let me reiterate... WOOHOO!

"Running" went very well. I was pleased that I had absolutely no problem with the cardio part of it. My heart is pretty fit and I'm good at controlling my breathing. The part that needs working on is my legs. After that first run I was a little sore... not bad, but I could feel the bones in my lower legs. The next run, my calves hurt (near my ankles). I used the lovely internet and discovered that I was making a common new runner mistake. I was pushing off of the ground with my feet instead of lifting my legs from the hip. During my third run I worked on running correctly. It fixed the calf problem. Yay! I am so ready for week 2!

The food thing is good. I'm doing Weight Watchers on my own (read no meetings, no online). It's so much easier this time, mostly because Michael is doing it as well. I also already know the program from last time, so I'm not having to obsess about what I'm going to eat when and how much and if I should and does this count as a veg and... you get the point.

My goals for next week are the about the same as this past week. I want to stay on plan each day with Weight Watchers. I want to finish Week 2 of C25K.

So yeah... I guess I should also say that I cheated a little. My weight loss probably isn't exact... because I cut off about 10 lbs of hair...

and it looks SASSY! ~:-D

It's not too late to participate. Join in at Carlos' blog. Look for the Ragamuffin Top Challenge.


Gretchin said...

6lbs 6lbs!!!!! You go girl!

That is so awesome!

I had the same problem with running incorrectly too.

Oh the pain I caused myself!

Keep it up!
I cant wait to hear how you do this week.


Toby and Ria said...

Thanks for the words. It IS much easier when you have a "community" of people encouraging you and holding you accountable. I appreciate that and will give it my all. Well done on the 6 pounds!! We hope to be the that neighborhood next week :-).

Marcelo said...

Wow! That is awesome, Tracey! Great job! Keep us posted. Thanks for stopping by my blog. We are all in this together! :0)

onescrappygal said...

Your hair looks so pretty!!

You look 16!

Jess B said...

Way to go!! 6 pounds is 6 pounds, great job! Keep it up!