Tuesday, July 22, 2008


A bit sad right now.

I'm not 18 weeks pregnant. I'm not beginning to feel a baby.

I thought I felt better, but right now it's all new again. I stumbled across another woman's blog... she had a miscarriage recently as well. She wrote what she was feeling. How one minute she was pregnant and then she wasn't. How she dreads her period and what it means. How the thought of a positive pregnancy test is so scary... what if it happens again? Yup... I'm right there.

I've been thinking all these things and then just stuffing them deep into my mind. Can't deal with that now. Push it down. It will go away. But it doesn't. I'm angry and hurt. Right now I feel alone... like I'm the only one who knew the baby. Like to others it wasn't even there.

Sorry I'm so raw tonight. This too will pass, but I think I just had to write this.

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Anonymous said...


I just read this. Sending you HUGE hugs.

Next time you feel like that...pop on over. I've got brownies and a little traitor for you to squish.