Thursday, December 13, 2007

Babies in the Snow

So we've had a nice little day at home today. As I said, practically the whole state shut down. Significantly for us, that meant Connor's flu shot appointment was canceled again. Let me tell you how heartbroken I was. Can you see my tears? I think I am going to take this as a sign that he doesn't really need the flu shot that badly. Boo hoo.

We headed out right after lunch for a little snow time. The kiddos got to try out their fancy new duds - boots and snowsuits. Both handled them well, although Clara couldn't get up if she fell over. It was very funny. I started out carrying her across the street to be social and she began her all to familiar cry of "WA! WA!" (meaning, of course, walk!) I would set her down, look for Connor (off playing), and turn back to her on her hands and knees. I gave her time to figure it out, but soon the cries for "Hep!" would begin. Eventually she just gave up and started crying "Hep!" as soon as she bit the dust. All in all, they both enjoyed it. Hopefully, it's not too icy in the morning to get some fun snow time in!

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